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Veritas Gent's Saw Crosscut

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Gent's saws are used for fine, precise joints in small woodworking such as modelmaking or instrument making.

These saws use the same advanced materials as the Veritas dovetail and carcass saws.  The high carbon steel blades are 200mm long and just 0.4mm thick with 0.08mm of teeth set per side.

The 20tpi ripsaw has teeth with a 14" rake angle and a 60° included angle.

The teeth on the 22tpi crosscut saw have a rake angle of 15°, an included angle of 60° and alternating 15° bevel angles so that they sever rather than tear wood fibres.

Both saws have a cut depth of 41mm.

For strength and rigidity, the glass and stainless steel-filled polymer spine is moulded over the blade and handle stud. A brass nut secures the Bubinga handle to the blade.