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Veritas Tools

Veritas Tools are a modern day hand tool manufacturer that reproduce classic patterns whilst innovating new ideas into their equisite line of woodworking tools.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Veritas Tools produce woodworking tools with exciting innovative design. Veritas Tools are the manufacturing arm of Lee Valley Tools Ltd., a leading North American retailer of fine tools. Lee Valley Tools, established in Canada in 1978, began designing and manufacturing its own woodworking tools in 1982. Lee Valley Manufacturing Ltd. incorporated in 1985 and later became Veritas Tools Inc.

Today Veritas Tools, with 200 products, and 80 patents, and another 40 pending, in lines that include woodworking planes, sharpening equipment, marking and measuring tools, router tables, drilling accessories, and more, Veritas Tools have become a leader in product development to meet the needs of discerning woodworkers.

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Veritas Cabinet Scraper



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Veritas Tri-Burnisher



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Veritas Waterstone Pond



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Veritas Cabinet Scraper Holder



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Veritas Variable Burnisher



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Veritas Lapping Plate



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Veritas 4-Way Speed Clamp



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Veritas Bench Hold Down



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Veritas Round Bench Dogs



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Veritas Large Spokeshave



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Veritas Transfer Scribe



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Veritas Metric Bevel Setter



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Veritas Ruler Stop



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Veritas Sliding Square - Metric



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Veritas Small Scraping Plane



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Veritas Small Router Plane



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Veritas Side Rebate Plane



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Veritas Apron Plane



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Veritas Chamfer Guide



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Veritas Iron Edge Trimming Plane



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Veritas Centre Finder



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Veritas Journeymans Brass Mallet



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