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Lie Nielsen Toolworks

6 Items found

6 Items found

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks was founded in 1981 by Thomas Lie-Nielsen from a passion for high quality hand tools. Having made his first hand plane in a tiny back-yard shed Lie-Nielsen was quick to expand to a workshop on his farm where the production of a second plane, the skew-angle block plane began.

Now the company occupies an 8,000sq ft workshop making 20,000 tools each year ... that is a lot of wood planes!

Lie-Nielsen makes a plane for every purpose the Lie-Nielsen Smoothing Plane, Lie-Nielsen Shoulder Plane, Lie-Nielsen Block Plane, to the Lie-Nielsen Scraper Planes. Not just isolated to hand planes Lie Nielsen make Hand Saws, Hammers, Chisels and Special Inlay Tools. You can be sure of the highest standard of contemporary classic hand tools from Lie-Nielsen.